Friendship-where is it gone?

Living in their own world
Are those who lived in mine’s once
Happy or unhappy;
I don’t know
Where are they now?
They, who Hi-fived me on my success;
They, who kicked me for my good
They, who never let me cry
They, who wanted us to fly,
Where are they now?
“Friend” was a small word for them,
I remember enjoying with them;
In my schooltime,
Hugs, kisses, photos and
memories are left now
But i still don’t know,
Where are they now?
Leaving an empty space in my heart
Some were dumb, some were smart
All were my lifeline once;
Seems like lifeline has broken now
And i keep on asking,
Where are they now?
They, who laughed with me
They, who sobbed with me
They, who showered priceless love
In silences,
their memory
remains now,Questioning me,
Where are they now?
We cared for each other
We thought for each other
We schooled with each other
We truly loved each other
I am still looking for an answer,
Where are they now?
We thought:
Our friendship was immortal,
Our friendship was eternal,
No matter what happens
Our friendship will be forever!
Misunderstandings took place
Ask the ocean, ask the space
Profound, black remains a shadow
I think I have my answer now
Friendship was temporary
They are not here now!


-images are from google,no rights stolen-


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