The Great Indian Engineers( Part-1): The first day of college

The following story is a creative attempt in telling the problems of an average student who pursued engineering. I am sure that many of you will be connected to the story as everyone is not a topper, come on! So, here you go:
Amity School of Engineering and Technology

Let me take you to a small town of Bijwasan, New Delhi, India. Drive straight down the main road; ignore the buffaloes on the left and the pigs on the right. Completely ignore the horns and traffic police and do not pay attention to barking dogs because I am already 10 minutes late. Drive left from the Maggi Point and go straight until you see a small faded board saying that this is a college. In front of the main gate you’ll find a boy standing. Me!
It was my first day of the college and I reached 10 minutes late. Attitude problem of the cars in traffic jam, you see. I struggled a lot with my 11th and 12th school books, had a tough fight between the sexy, dulcet voice of the cell phone notifications of Facebook messenger and the monotonous baritone of Mathematics and Physics which were no less than Manuscripts which I read (partially of course), did a lot of study, with comic books underneath my Chemistry book whenever mum came inspecting in my room whether I was studying or not, but I finally ended up here after all my entrances and exams. In fact, I think that I got lot better in terms of a college given that I studied only 7 days before exams.
This was a college that shattered me from inside when I saw the infrastructure. The fact is that no one knows I recovered from an instantaneous heart attack that resulted in a jaw drop as a side effect. The gatekeeper laughed and pushed me inside. It was like he was laughing on my condition and saying, “come, and scapegoat yourself with the engineering studies, huhuhahaha (monstrous laugh)”. This was going to be a terrific adventure, I thought, in the deepest emotion of regret that I should have studied (which I always regret every year on the results day). I even thought, for a split second that I should have at least tried for IIT, but no, I didn’t want people to be jealous of me when I steal their jobs in Google and Microsoft ( a fair assumption being in IIT, LOL). It was an attitude of sensitivity towards the society that I didn’t study. We have to be responsible, man!
What I was feeling now was that college didn’t matter. Obviously it’s called deceiving the emotions, but hey, who cares? I am a writer and I’ll get many opportunities in my life from college, hope so.


4 thoughts on “The Great Indian Engineers( Part-1): The first day of college

    1. A great infrastructure is not everything, totally agree to that. But decent infrastructure is a must. Have you ever heard college students who do not bunk? Well one of them is writing this comment, not because we are too afraid, we are not even 0.5% afraid to bunk but, where would we go? There is no place within campus! That was just an example out of many things to show you how we are missing on some serious adventures. For interiors, oh well! People are cool. Nice crowd. Young love in the air. Maybe i write a next part on that(thinking to extend) what do you suggest?


      1. Oh I definitely loved your blog posts so far and was disappointed when I discovered I had read all of them…

        So yea definitely if you feel like you should write something about that! Would really be looking forward to it.

        There is no place in the campus yea I suppose but there are quite a lot around the campus. However I have to say that since these things don’t matter to me at all so I suppose I won’t really be missing out on that element. But yes I do understand that many people look forward to that aspect so yes I can understand their disappointment.

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