The Great Indian Engineers(Part 2): After Thoughts


15th August 2015
Okay now! I am just okay now after 2 full weeks of torture in the form of various subjects. It’s not a lie, it’s true that I am still alive, breathing, living in this beautiful world, feeling cold air touching my body, in a hope that these 4 years will soon be over, while my mind continuously says that these are not just 4 years, it is 1,460 days! It’s not that I am a complete loner and do not enjoy. In a college like this, one cannot express the emotion to play fancy games, be it is soccer or cricket or even Gully Danda. We just have a fancy Table Tennis here with 3 cushions stuck in between 2 green clothed tables( damaged dining tables possibly) that people believe is a net. We have to bring our own Ping-Pong balls and our own rackets to play on this luxurious table. The fact is that 1st years are not allowed to play even this (that monster guard said). Is there anything we can do? Yes. We Study.
I was so depressed after the first day that I wanted to quit, but; there is already no shortage of jobless wannabes and I didn’t want to increment that number so I thought let’s be on a safer side. I didn’t know that safe was just a word here. Reality is it is: Ecstatically Fatal!
Our life starts from LET and ends at Q.E.D. That’s all what we will do in 4 years. No practical knowledge. Anyways back from satire to college. Yesterday was the last day of our 2 day orientation program. We listened (on records) to many motivational speakers, discussed about leadership, entrepreneurship and many more things and even attended a ‘havan’. Everything was okay before we came to know that Dean has announced that there will be no party. That was a moment when I sensed anger, tears, duck faces, ‘awwwws’ and even abuses from the crowd. But that is how it is, the life of an engineer.
We are ready to face challenges, overcome it, ready for good and bad experiences because this is life. This is engineering!

-images are from google,no rights stolen-


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