The Great Indian Engineers(Part 3): The Exam Time


Two months have passed now and we all seem to have adjusted to 4 practicals and 3 sleeps(lectures) a day system. It took me time to find buddies, but now I have many friends and I am no more a Mowgli( ref. The Jungle Book, where he had no friends in a jungle but only troubles). We have every aspect of a decent college, nice crowd and the best thing is that I have become a non-otiose man. I took part in many college and club activities, making moments to remember but the only thing we forget is studying! Every professor is giving us out assignments like we have nothing else to do, not even breathing!
Then what happens at home is this:”Bro please send tutorial 3. Please please!” LOL! We all have been having fun,mass bunking,enjoying and a little portion of maintaining files as well. 9 to 5 college is a part of life but real adventure starts at home. It is adorable and at the same time, irritating to have a caring family. Too much concern is bad for health when you are exhausted after 8 hours and you can only have a 15 minute break and again studying(on records). Monotonous schedule.
I was always a mediocre kid at the school(which is a good thing) and used to bunk a lot. That habit seems to have pampered me in college a lot. It is our exam time and we had to 0 copy many things in half a day(getting me?) and go to the exam hall again. Had the bunking been less, my condition would have been better today.
The first exam was Mathematics. The most vast, the most important, the most typical and the most frustrating Maths that sported a small, little, cute book of 1638 pages only(What? This is not sarcasm!) Expressions changed from grin to a dropped chin when invigilator distributed question papers. We were given 1.5 hour to sit idle in the hall and condole for not studying on a regular basis. 4 exams are down now, 3 more to go. I do not know how many more hours will I take to understand that “This is Engineering”.

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3 thoughts on “The Great Indian Engineers(Part 3): The Exam Time

  1. I would appreciate if you lengthen your posts a bit! Your posts are like you develop a lot of interest for the reader and keep going nice but eventually end them so early. By the way, I loved the way you wrote man!


    1. Prajjwal thank you for the suggestion. But in context to your suggestion i would say that either i lengthen a single post and post only one article or i make a story and post it in different parts it is one of the same thing. After all, these are parts of a single story. P.S. thanks for appreciation!


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