The Great Indian Engineers(Part 4): The Results


Five, four, three, two, one…whooof. I tried to calm myself down as professor entered with a pile of answer sheets in his hands. It felt like my heart will jump out in my throat. Setting the nervousness down, I tried to remain calm and prayed for a good score, although I knew that with a constant texting and gaming a night before the exam would fetch me marks in negligible quantities, but who knows what luck has in store for you (anti-stress thoughts). Slowly and steadily he opened the bundle, slowly and steadily I visualized my mother’s slipper getting closer to my cheek (only Indians will get this!). Serial no. 1, 2, 3, 4… and so on, professor announced and students came by, took the answer sheet in hand, peeped one-eyed at the red ink on top, gave an astonished look to the class like it is the last day of their life, hid the marks by making a scroll and went back to their seats. Very soon, it was my serial number. As it was really very unexpected, I was able to survive my death by scoring in tens place. How much? Ha-ha, do you think I will tell you? *wink.*
This was all about one single subject. Don’t judge me as a topper because the next lectures were near. I became super over-confident because I was getting result above my expectation and hard work today. Looked like goddess Saraswati forgave all my sins!
I thought I will score nicely in each of the remaining subjects and visualized that slipper becoming a sweet box! The fact is, I only thought! What happened next made me visualize slipper becoming a large axe and a coffin beside it. Marks in other 6 subjects very extremely pathetic. I was merely able to complete 4 soccer teams out of the remaining 6 subject marks. This scenario was not just with me, many other very sailing in the same boat as mine but then on the other hand, there were some mean people getting 95% as well. Why don’t they understand that we have our parents to answer about the fantabulous score of ours!
That day I went back to my home continuously thinking about what life is? Is it only confined to our marks? No. our destiny will lead us to where we belong and marks do not describe our personality. After all, life is always about the next step. This is life…
Great! Got a nice sentimental dialogue for home. I am safe from that slipper now! Engineers are so talented, aren’t we?

-images are from google,no rights stolen-


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