A rich fellow who gets whatever he wants. But being sick of the taunts, he wants to change, become self dependent. Here are his emotions:


Not much of care

Not much of concern

Yes, I am the rightful heir

Of this luxurious tavern

With hundreds of servants

Hundreds of maids

With no affectionate observant

No one who isn’t actually paid

Yes, I crave for affection

I crave for fresh air

This temporary glue of luxuries

Won’t make a flexion

Until I dare!

Been captive of deception

For so long

Fake reflection

Ahh, so strong!

I’ll ascend in reality

The day I see

An augmented morality

In people around me

For I want to be at ease

Free of temporary reliefs

Put myself in danger

And change everyone’s beliefs.

I know I was a rich lad

I know I was a spoiled brat

But I wanna ascend

Make myself fly

Hard to make a self-amend

But I assure you, I won’t cry!

via Daily Prompt: Temporary


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