I regret


I genuinely loved her. But I could never say. Now she is not around. And I regret it every day. I just want to undo that time and tell her how I feel about her and hope she understands me. I missed my chance, but you know what gets you high more than smoking crack? A second chance!


Plucking my beard

Waiting for you

This damned feeling

Feeling something new

Behold that elegance

Behold that smile

It has made me stupefied

I ran miles

Just to stand here on this precipice

Thinking about you with closed eyes

Just when I saw a beam of light

Crossing the sky and spreading twinkles

It scintillated so bright

Twitched my eye, looked up the sky

There was nothing but sparkle

It started to fade and I saw you

You stood there on other cliff

I wanted to call you

Shout and let reverberation reach you

I couldn’t say

I couldn’t convey

You walked around

To my dismay

Knelt and fell and struck the ground

I hope to rise and see you around

To tell you how I feel

And never let you go again

via Daily Prompt: Precipice


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