Developing India?


They say
Gone are the days
We were perceived as a cub
When the name ‘India’
Was nothing but a snub
But now the Banyan has spread
The Tiger is grown
The Peacock struts ahead
And the Lotus sprinkles cologne
My nation is changing
The seed to development once sown
Is finally germinating

Gone are the days
When I used to walk out on the roads
And see that ghastly smog
Markets, GDP, Economic strength
Was nothing but a mere joke
When my nation float in a ship
Surrounded by reckless cyclone
A cyclone full of terror, treachery, and perjury
When politics was more than an injury
On the body of this great nation
A nation which I live in
A nation that went through a surgery
Committed to change it’s past
And hope for a better future
To hope for a better home
Are the days gone?


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