Eid v/s Zero Hunger Challenge!(Genre: Short Article)


Your clothes are dirty
You are so lean and thin
You were born poor and you stink
Let’s stop a minute and think…

What did you have for dinner tonight? I had Mutton Biryani. Utterly tasty with butterly delicious ‘Amul’ on top, making everything more dulcet than a Latin song. Imagine harp being played in your ears and you floating high in the air with that taste in your

mouth. That taste that really prevails! If you are a foodie and it is ‘Chand Mubarak’ times in your surroundings, the addiction of good food is worse than the best high you can expect from any narcotics.

You are in much more trouble when your boss prompts you to write an article about zero hunger and you have a plate full of biryani in your other hand. That’s just not practical! The same way you can’t think about ‘not having an iPhone’ when you have an iPhone, I couldn’t think of hunger at first. But then again, being a food addict has its perks. Wait for two hours and voila! Fill in the stomach again.

So, you see the other day, while I was sitting on my couch having a good sip of ‘Chaayos’ my brother just bought, I read a shared post from my friend that displayed the condition of people in Asian countries and their health index. For a change, it was really happening

to see something other than memes being shared. And it got me to thinking about the society in which we live too. Indian government states that families whose net income is less than $1.9 a day are considered BPL(below poverty line). Now, it is a fair assumption

to consider that at least three people will be in a family. Heck, let’s make it four. We live in India after all. My windows calculator says that each person in a family will get approx $0.475 to consume a day. Talking like a good Punjabi businessman’s son, that will make 30 Indian rupees. My jaw dropped. I just sipped 3 family member’s food in a minute! And I probably had 9 family member’s food disguised as biryani. But, don’t let your taste in mouth get absconded by 23.6% people in India. While there are people who don’t even get a decent meal a day, we don’t think twice of swallowing couple hundreds of rupees worth milkshake!
I am not good at statistics but I do know from a rough math by looking at all the percentages there are, that 795 million people – one in nine – still go to bed on an empty stomach each night.

But hey, don’t let any leader bother you, sir. Let’s enjoy our Biryani and scroll down memes.


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