I can’t fall for you!


Remember how I came running
Across the crowd so we could meet
That was the first time I saw you
When my heart nearly skipped a beat

I hesitated because I wasn’t famous
And this is not a fable
Many times on brink to fall for you
But my sanity threw me back on that table

Whenever I close my eyes
There you stand
All ecstatic and bright
Holding my hand

Be my guiding scent out of the woods
My shade in this vicious heat
My flashlight in darkest times
Be my weapon against obstacle fleet

Let’s walk down that memory lane
How lovely you are
Gossiping about the secrets
When I tore it all apart

Because I was scared to fall for you
I knew it would never work out
That you won’t take me as I take you
And my soul would all start to shout

It’s amazing to see
People fall in love in peculiar ways
Is it real or just destiny?
Right place on the right day

But I won’t say a thing
Let’s keep it like that
I’ll keep a different number
It can’t be so bad

Though, I’ll always remember
That there was a girl I loved like hell
Had I shown some courage to say Hey,
That day,
It would have gone so well.


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