Ghost of my past

Will it still be the same
After all those years
When the dew sets on my window
Leaving water skid marks
Sliding slowly, leaving me in tears
Telling me how lonely I am
Were you really there
In thunderous long nights
When ghosts of my darkest insecurities
Lept on me and secluded me from bright
Did you blow candle off that night
When the sunlight hit
When I saw you in hindsight
Fading away waving me bye
I kept clunging on to your fists
But you were gone
I thought we were always meant to be together
Beat down all the problems while we caper
Please, sing that same melody
While I swipe flicks off your face delicately
“You are my love and my only remedy”
That’s what I used to say affectionately!
But I’ll meet you on salvation now
And ask for all of those memories back
Because to even keep a part of me in you
You don’t deserve that

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