Thoughts of a Rasgulla

maxresdefault.jpgOn this auspicious day of Raksha Bandhan

I would happily like to get inside your stomach

And create a sensation of joy

With my syrupy balls, you’ll cheer “Oh, Boy!”

When this semolina goes inside you, it will be nothing but bliss

For I am a Bengali sweet and we are a specialty

Don’t you even think about going with fucking Jalebi!

That bitch doesn’t exist without Rabdi

We should have our own personality

She is more expensive than me

And less tasty than me

Excuse me, ma’am, don’t look at that Jalebi!

And of course, it is hot outside, eat me eat me I am cool

Hey, Kiddo, stop your laddoo-drool

Pick up a piece of laddoo and he’ll break

Just like your girlfriend gave you heartbreak, last week

Sometimes joining diverse stuff together doesn’t do you good

Why are you peopling going by spoiling my mood?

Picking up all the sweets around me

But me
I mean, I know I get stale after a day but hey!

You can eat me right out of the fridge at 2 AM in the night

When you feel lonely and nothing is bright

Depression, quarrels, fights. Just give it a break

And remember there is something that will always love you

  1. Your family
  2. Our species

Buy a kilo of me for god’s sake

Uncle, no! Not that cake!


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