A brave man

It is a poem about the legendary freedom fighter Bhagat Singh, who is known to have accepted death sentence blissfully just so he could ignite a fire in each and every person’s heart to fight for the independence of our motherland together.


Impulsive Love

After a long night of gasps and moans

I witnessed a morning

Of juvenile love and fervor adsorption;

Of the skin craving for hydration;

Of stupidity and impulses;

Of laughable emotions;

Of wrinkled sheet, and worst of all

Of jubilant murkiness we called love.

The daily prompt-word: wrinkle

Mauka Nahi Laga(ek nazm)

Ye nazm kuch galtiyon ke naam…

Pyaar adhoora sa reh gaya mauke ki talaash me,
Aur khush dikhne ki laalach me
Yu maanlo ki mujhe-
Mauka hi nahi laga

Ye khabar use bhi thi, jo mehez vichaar hi the mere
Mann me kaid kuch alfaaz the mere
Jo kabhi keh na saka tha use mai do took
Bas yu maanlo, mauka nahi laga.
Ye jaanke bahot sukoon pada
Ki jaanti thi wo
Kyuki kehte hain na dil se dil ki baatein chhupaayi nahi jaati
Yu maanlo ki ek dil ke jyotish ki tarah mujhe padh liya tha usne
Haath padh ke khilkhilaa ke chup ho jaati thi wo
Maano kuch chhupaa rahi ho aisa jo khud tak hi rakhna chahti ho
Kya use kabhi mauka nahi laga?

Baarish me bheegne ka shauk tha use
Kehti thi ki bheegne ke baad naachne ka swaad hi kuch aur hota hai
Naach lia karte the hum mausam ki pehli barsaat me
Jaach lia tha usne achhe se mere bhadde nritya ke peeche chhupe masoom bache ko jo uski chahat me itna paagal tha
Jaise wo adhoora sapna nahin balki ek chocolate ka tukda ho
Jo jab mann me aaya to chakh liya
Par itne sab ke baad bhi bas yun samajhlo ki mujhe mauka nahi laga use kuch kehne ka

Mujhe galat na samajhna sahab
Itna aasan nahi hota ishq karna
Is ishq me tum udta gubbaara ho aur wo arjun ka teer
Bina foote afaq tak pohoch jaao to maanunga sache aashiq ho tum
Tum mulaayam kaanch ho aur wo tapte angaare
Pyaar ki bhatti me faske agar dusre chhor se bina pighle nikal jaao, to maanunga mai sache aashiq ho tum!
Par asal baat ye hai na
Ki pyaar ke aasmaan me udne ka ya mohabbat ki bhatti me tapne ka
Mujhe aaj tak shayad mauka nahi laga
Ya yun maanlo kisi ek jwaar bhaate me baar baar doobne ko chah raha hu mai
Shayad iske alawa koi mauka mujhe acha nahi laga
Jhooth me hi fass ke reh gaya mai
Hakeekat ka kinaara mujhe sacha nahi laga

It’s first love… Like the last one

20th November 2017

Dear Shooting Star,

I think that I know who you are. I avoided mentioning your name in my book but I finally found you. Here is a poem, dedicated to you.

Never did I ever feel like this before
When she walked with me for the first time by the shore
My heart felt like pounding stones
She is the streetlight that will walk me home
She is truly mine, tonight.

She is the lead in my dances
The grace in my prances
Bright like the sunshine
A friend, a companion, a family
She is truly mine, tonight.

She is the freckles in my smile
She glistens in my eye
For our love was spontaneous and juvenile
As a newly hatched butterfly
She touches me and I just know
She is truly mine, tonight.

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A little look here and a little look there

If I see that no one is around

I’ll shout really loud


You light a ciggy or get drunk

Smoke pot or inhale drugs

I cared enough till now but now I do not care.

Lemme quickly flip to the last page of notebook and tear those pages

Where I once cared about you

Quickly rip apart the memories of you

Because your choices make me cringe.

Enough said, I’ll grab some popcorn,put on some movies and binge

And tell all the people



Dance, dance, will you dance by me?
The day we last meet baby
Hand in hand
Those cold hands of yours
In trembling hands of mine
Because I am hopelessly in love with you
I can’t see anything beyond you

Drunk, drunk I got drunk in the clubs
Hoping to find the right girl
Ecstacy reached the top but left a hole
Those casual flings never gave me the feeling
That a simple call from you did
Because I am hopelessly in love with you
I can’t see anything beyond you.

Waited, waited, I waited for so long
Was your taste that bad or my life that sad
Did you not know where you belonged?
You left me sauntering instead
Singing the same old song
Because I am hopelessly in love with you
I can’t see anything beyond you.