Long Lost Luminosity

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Never thought it’d be this way

Ways of “us” now diverge

I kept my word

But you cheated me

When you left me

Alone under the rain

Insufferable pain!

Long Lost Luminosity

You! My Love

Angst-Anguished Atrocity

You! My Love

What happened to that promise?

Promise to be with each other

I stood by you

And you stranded me

When you left me

Alone under the rain

Insufferable pain!

Long Lost Luminosity

You! My Love

Angst-Anguished Atrocity

You! My Love

I always loved you like hell

Even hell won’t take you now

But I hope you don’t suffer

Even though you wrecked me

When you left me

Alone under the rain

Insufferable pain!

Long Lost Luminosity

You! My Love

Angst-Anguished Atrocity

You! My Love

All I want is reason

Reason why you went so far

I wanted you; because I loved you

Did you ever love me?

When you left me

Alone under the rain

Insufferable pain!

Long Lost Luminosity

You! My Love

Angst-Anguished Atrocity

You! My Love

You! My Love

You! My Love

Last thought of a dead king

A right and good king got betrayed by his own men just for the sake of some money. And now his soul wanders looking at the world, his kingdom, just after he got killed with treachery.


Once this kingdom was mine

“His might! The one just and right!”

They used to yell,

now my body lies amputated and pale

a man stands on my top with ale.

Brisking his mustache he said a few things,

“Your king is dead. I am your new king.”

I saw my own men at his abide

none of them took a fight,

and stood my side;

when he bolted up on me with a horde,

no one was beside me on my board.

For I felt too betrayed

and here lies the old king flayed.

Once, I conquered this country,

“The people no more shall stay hungry.”

I killed the king, who was vicious and cruel

and hence, began my rule.

But I discovered your morals stand

upon pillars of salt and sand.

Avarice can make righteousness flee

and my very own people turned on me.

You people have no dignity,

buried in clinks of pence lies your loyalty.

Behold, the new king’s rule,

I hope he is vicious and cruel.

For, you people don’t deserve just

And whipping you all is a must!

Giving is Living


look how the world is lying dead
encapsulated by
Self-centered, selfish people
encapsulated in layers of fear
behold, brethren
change is near

let’s pray for welfare together
give up self-obsession
help the poor, help the needy
behold, brethren
change is speedy

the power of giving
grants an utter joy
and happiness will spread everywhere
behold, brethren
change is near

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Mahabharata vs Game of Thrones

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Just as we approach the season 7 of the very famous TV series and IMDB top rated “Game of Thrones,” based on the book series “A Song of Ice and Fire” by George R.R. Martin, it struck to me that some part or the other of Game of Thrones’ morals and Mahabharata (Indian epic written by Ved Vyasa) teachings in one way or the other very similar. For starters, the complexity and interconnectivity of stories and how they transit forming a lavished pattern of tales and leaving the reader awe-struck. Mahabharata has numerous tales and background tracks and each character is reader’s favorite as we approach the part where that character plays an important role in the story and same is the case with Game of Thrones. There are many similarities between the both but we’ll discuss the top 3 as we move further in this article.


  1. Love for Family: Evidently, all the wars, houses antagonizing each other, deceptions and treachery was all for nothing but family. Had there not been family involved, we would have seen no struggle and no stories. How can we talk about love for family and not talk about Cersei Lannister? The woman who took the entire realm for the enemy just for her kids and her betrothed brother. The faith taking his son away? No problems! Wildfire! Boom! All the noblemen and the faith vanquished.Image result for cersei loving family

Auburn hair lady abducted his brother? Ha-ha, name it and swoosh! (*rains of castamere playing*).

Tracing to Mahabharata, Bheem (nephew to the King of Hastinapur) vowed to kill each and every one of the 100 sons of Dhritrashtra (the King of Hastinapur) himself because the eldest son of him, Duryodhan, defiled the integrity of his wife, Draupadi, when Yudhishtira (the King of Indraprastha) lost to him in a game of dice. And guess what, Bheem was one beast of a man. Not even fumbled once on the battleground.


  1. Politics: If scabbard and swords and bows and arrows couldn’t do anything, it was time for some behind-the-back strategy. Lord Krishna, considered to be the greatest politician ever in the history, truly knew his way around things. How to manipulate people, remove obstacles, use righteousness as the perfect tool to get the work done, he was a master. If it wasn’t for him, history would have been different. But as saintly as people consider him, I guarantee you he was not. Even morality doesn’t declare any winners long as both sides have loyal warriors. And just so it happens, Krishna knew how to remove them from the way without disobeying righteousness and using mystical powers of his own. Kauravas had 100 brothers and some maestros who would have finished the war in 1 day if Lord Krishna had not been in the war.Image result for petyr baelish politic
  • Dronacharya (the guru of both Kauravas and Pandavas), who was believed to never miss an arrow from his aim and had most powerful weapons of all times. Was forced to drop his weapons hearing the false news of sad demise of his son Ashwathama from Yudhishtira (who was believed to never lie). Believing him, Dronacharya dropped his weapons and surrendered. Later, it came to the knowledge that it was fallacy and politics by Krishna.Image result for dronacharya dropping weapons



  • Bhishma Pitamah (8th son of Kuru) – He was believed to have celestial weapons from Lord Indra and a boon of potency. He could not die as long as he wanted to die! With the consent of him, Lord Krishna put Shikhandi (reincarnation of goddess Amba), who was half-man before him. He refused to fight a half-man and dropped weapons. Arjun put him aside from the battleground on a bed of arrows.

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  • Suryaputra Karna– The only warrior believed to have conquered all kings in every diction of the world, single handed. He was unstoppable in the battlegrounds ensuring a victory for Kauravas when Lord Krishna taught Arjun some valuable life teachings (came to be known as the holy book, Bhagwad Gita). So, Arjun believed it was just to disobey the war rules and killed Karna treacherously when his cart wheel was stuck in bog


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Master politicians are believed to have gained power in the world with words. That’s what is common between Lord Krishna of Mahabharata and Lord Petyr Baelish of Game of Thrones. He came from nothing. A sell sword’s boy and acquired land, wealth, and army using his cunning and shrewd mind and obviously, much-respected cleverness.


  • Battle of Bastards – What better than to put someone in danger and then help them and be the hero! Mastering this technique, Petyr Baelish stormed in with Knights of the Vale when Wildling army of Jon Snow was surrounded by a circle of infantry (death circle) and was piling up on dead bodies. We have to give Lady Sansa some credits for playing here as well!Image result for battle of bastards
  • Betraying Ned Stark – Rivalry with Littlefinger could be dangerous. One way or the other, Petyr Baelish always knew how to get work done. To climb up the position in court, either wait for the authority to die or get them killed without having to face any accusation. Stealthily.Image result for betraying ned stark petyr baelish
  • He is loyal to himself only – Betraying Ned Stark to win Lannister’s trust and later on turning against Lannisters by getting the King killed due to poison in his wine. Again, stealthily. Baelish was a puppet master and left no proof at what he did. Making full use of the saying, “Enemies’ enemies are friends,” Baelish was seen to have played the game diligently by the end of season 6 and now has a good repo everywhere. Be it in King’s Landing or in the North. He really has no enemies in Westeros. That’s how you are supposed to play the game and not revolt against the King in an open rebellion and get killed.


  1. Courage and Bravery: If a family is the root of war, politics weakens you mentally these two moral values will always save your day. Be it Jon Snow taking up fights against White Walkers or Cersei taking fights against the whole Kingdom in rebellion, it requires immense courage to take a stand for yourself and even more quantity of bravery to back it up. Politics has been played, families have been wrecked but courage is the car and vengeance is the fuel! Both of the books clearly reflect this value over anything else. When we talk about courage, these characters will always leave a mark at our foreheads.
  • Arya Stark and Abhimanyu: Both are considered to be kids, but ready to take fights against the strongest enemies, for their fathers, without even a glitch of terror. Arya’s admirable courage throughout book 2 to 6 shows how powerful vengeance can make a man! It was always Arya against the world from everyone’s point of view after Robb Stark and Catelyn Tully Stark got betrayed by Freys and Boltons.Image result for arya stark

With Arya’s list of names and her becoming a master silent assassin, vengeance can’t wait any longer.

Many of the same qualities were reflected by Abhimanyu in Mahabharata when the prod ingenious mind of his took fights from great Kaurava warriors in Chakravyuh.  Died by the lack of knowledge, Abhimanyu left a deep impression on his father’s mind to seek vengeance.

  • Ned Stark and Yudhishtira: Man of honors. Nothing is greater than honor for both of them, not even themselves.
  • Gregor Clegane and Duryodhan: Considered to be the bad guys, both of them committed crimes and stood proudly for them. Slashing away enemy after enemy, I found them both to be similar in terms of courage and bravery.
  • Danerys Targaryen and Arjun: Service before self and right before wrong. From their personal point of views, all they ever did was right and just. Dany claimed to herself the rightful heir of Westeros and King Robert to be usurper on the throne who took away their land and home; she fought valiantly and continues to fight just to go back to home. Arjun is more or less driven by the fire of Indraprastha getting lost and his brother being removed as the King of Indraprastha. He wanted to go home as well from the exile.

In the end, a major thing that I noticed, that remains the deep and hidden core value of both the books was that in a place where everyone is trying to eat each other’s food, everyone stays hungry. Even Lord Krishna was killed and perhaps he was the only god ever that got killed from unnatural reasons or without the desire to die. The thirst for power leaves nothing but skid marks on the long sought legacy, dissolving your name in the dust that has settled forever. There are no clear heroes in both the books and no person that excels in righteousness and morals. Not even the god himself!

The fight is not between houses; fight is between losers who are trying to portray them as winners. In any case, 7.16 is near and along comes the winter!

-Harshit Rajpal

(Self-proclaimed brainstormer and a GOT addict)

Being Auntie- A study and a phenomenon

Don’t get confused between the literal auntie and this auntie. Keep in mind I am an Indian and there is a lot of Indianism, move your ass and find all the references!



Ever since the first sprout of humanity germinated on this Mother Earth, the clouds have been roaring thunder and precipitating as if the God created some manufacturing defect in our civilization. As if the volcanoes knew that they will have to vanquish the Earth’s biodiversity once and for all so that our land can be protected from ‘something.’  From the past 19 years, all my eyes and ears have been involved in searching that one loophole, which might cause trouble to humanity even more than Osama Bin Laden, that ‘something’ which reaches to the very root of my hair, embracing it with strong claws and humping the deepest neurons present to mind bash all of my thoughts. My search ended at ‘Ram Bihari Pani Puri Wala,’ soon as I heard the magical words, ‘Thoda Aur paani dalna bhaiyya.’

Peacefully minding my own damn business, I sat in a corner of a DTC bus (non-reserved seat) reading my book just when I heard a thump. I took a breath and ignored it for once but it seemed to follow me. With every word I read, thumps got louder until I saw a very giant stomach flashing in front of me, tightly kept between a petticoat and a blouse just so it won’t fall to the ground due to gravity. The cracks on the reddish-brown skin suggested me of the years of experience and hard work and what not this old fighter of us have had, and now when it comes to retiring, it needs a place to plonk. Being a good citizen of Incredible India, I vacated the seat. It would generally have been a good gesture until I speculated this creature. Was this the species I saw at that ‘Pani Puri Wala?’ “Thoda aur… pani, pani, pani… bhaiyya, bhaiyya…” words constantly reverberated in my brain and shook the very foundation of my soul. Was I looking at another Wonder of World? Up until now, only great philosophers stated that this creature had been left behind in the race of paleontological evolution. I found it hard to believe but she threw a taunt regarding my headset out of nowhere and that too after giving up my seat. Flabbergasted, I decided to call this species ‘Auntie.’ And one good thing about these creatures is that they like to stay in a horde, they can never be spotted alone. So, it’s only natural that another Auntie followed her, and another, and another and naturally all the seats were vacated as if there was some kind of ‘Gangs of Auntiepur’ going on. As detailed my research about this mysterious creature is, I am entangled and can’t reach a conclusion because more and more characters and characteristics keep popping up. Evidently enough, Aunties crawl swiftly on the soil of Earth with the support of their male counterpart, also their bumbling bodyguards, the ones who remain loyal and will take on a fight with any of you without knowing or countering any good logics of yours to mark its territory. I like to call this creature, ‘Uncle Ji.’ That is a whole thesis in itself and I won’t touch that subject.

Here are some of the factors about Aunties that might help one of the brighter and curious minds to resolve the understanding about them so that our world could be benefitted from it.


  1. Appearance: The actual appearance of this creature still remains a deep mystery that even Mystery Inc.* couldn’t solve but most commonly it is seen wearing a Saree, braids flanked with oil, an elephantine structure with a morbidly giant pot belly, always cussing around and about every little detail they can get hands on. These are called pure breeds. Now, there are hybrids and modernized breeds of this creature as well and from all the stats that I could get my hands on, the pie charts and area charts, all show that acceptance of hybrids in this society is far high due to their moderate and trimmed structure and this secret trait that pure breeds don’t have, called ‘keeping-nose-out-of-people’s-business.’ But then again some of the pure breeds have had rebelled to achieve a cooler status in the society at ‘The great battle of Auntikshetra,’ so till date, no one claims to have the exact information about the physical appearance of this creature. Reports show that there was a man called ‘god’ distributing some free supplies of logic as well but the pure breeds being too cocky, refused it and preferred to land on Mother Earth as we see them today.


  1. Common Habits: Very proud and thankless creatures, Aunties are known to have a very brazenly judgmental brain. They do not think twice before judging a person from one look. Our sources suggest that now it’s in Aunties veins to judge at the first look. Some other common habits include asking for free ‘Mirchi’ with ‘Dhaniya,’ fighting with other pure breeds over some household issue like splitting money for plumber bill, cussing in a high pitched voice (almost resembling to cats screeching) until whole neighborhood doesn’t cover its ears with its own earlobes until resonating voice over a petty issue stops. For example, cussing a vegetable vendor for having rotten tomatoes in a way that taking offense is a far shot thing, he will start admiring the creativity of curses! Some other notable habits are forcefully snatching away non-reserved seats from innocent young passengers, demanding for feminine equality while being hypocrite and using feminism as a tool for their own benefit, asking for free chutney water at the end of swallowing gol gappas, accusing government of any random thing and most importantly, bitching and gossiping about neighbors and relatives with neighbors and relatives! We have been seeing an increase in the Auntie-effected patients in government hospitals a lot these days and a team of highly qualified doctors is working day and night to stop this plague of Auntiism but till now the top doctors and back end scientists have only said that this disease is spread verbally. So, you should at least keep a distance of several feets from bitching and gossiping, completely ignoring what Aunties are talking about and ‘thou shalt not get killed.’ Reports even say that smoking drags you to die 10 years sooner, and getting exposed to too much of direct Auntiism can kill you 20 years sooner!


  1. Places to find and how to spot: Found generally in the most commonplace of households running errands like grocery shops, laundry, hell, vegetable vendors, temples and residential areas. Aunties also tend to mark their public dominance now at railways and bus stops too. Though it’s not the place you shall care about, it’s the spotting of auntie that makes it a task. As soon as you see a woman arguing about the bus fair and how it is a right for people to question the daily accustomed bus fares, voila! You have just spotted an Auntie. Another way to spot an Auntie is to focus on the way they talk to another one of their species. There is a golden sentence to this fact that our great team has molded it in an algorithm to help common people understand the third world talks and successfully ignore aunties to not get affected by Auntiism. It goes like, “xyz di kudi nu vekhya hai? Kivein nikki nikki skirtaan payi rakhdi aa!” (Translated to: have you seen xyz’s daughter? She wears short skirts!)

Again, language can’t be a barrier for this disease.

Probably the only good thing about being an Auntie is that there is no segregation between people of different caste, religion. They are just Aunties, together being Auntie.

I hope that all my readers will imply some immediate effective changes to the society that up until now no great philosopher/ dreamer/ visionary knows about to repel this upcoming doom because if you don’t, I’ll join you on your couch as I couldn’t do anything as well. Don’t be an Auntie.

-Harshit Rajpal

(Proud and not yet affected by aunties)

*Mystery Inc. is the name of detective company from a show called Scooby Doo.